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Are you tired of going from one doctor to the next chasing symptoms rather than eliminating the cause of your pain or fatigue?

Your body is much more than a collection of its individual parts.  Your body is a marvelously complex machine, intelligently designed to work together and function as a whole.  We are often unaware of the amazing function of  those parts until something stops working right. When one part doesn't function well anymore,that part inherently effects the function of other parts.
When your body is out of balance in the spinal area, which regulates your internal body and organ systems,the source of that imbalance must be found before it can be treated.  A COMPUTERIZED VITAL BODY SCAN shows which internal systems are out of balance and which pressure points on the body can help bring those systems back into balance again.  

This body scan is a way of finding a problem that may be hidden in a normal examination.  For example, one patient was experiencing symptoms which had stumped her medical doctor. She had a COMPUTERIZED VITAL BODY SCAN and it showed an imbalance in her stomach area.  However, several weeks of treatment to that area did not correct the imbalance, so, armed with that information, we referred her to a specialist.  They discovered that she had a tumor in her stomach, which had gone undetected by her medical doctor.  

COMPUTERIZED VITAL BODY SCAN checks the organ systems of the body and presents a full color printable graph showing any apparent imbalances.  This allows you to start correcting these imbalances before they develop into more serious health problems.

This scan is such an amazing tool at detecting underlying health problems, we think everyone should have one!  So as our Internet New Patient Special, we are offering a Computerized Vital Body Scan with your initial examination at no additional charge!  Make sure to mention that you want the scan WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT so that we schedule enough time to discuss your results.

Call 417-725-6655 or click here now to request your appointment!

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